Art Critic Lucia Basile about Beatriz Cardenas paintings

Beatriz Cárdenas
A balance of colour, the perfect synthesis of a gesture
Her use of colour characterises her work and in her most recent production it is also supported by a free and dynamic composition that makes every single canvas a unique piece.

The choice of colour therefore is not accidental, but the result of very well considered choice of the artist, both aesthetic and stylistic.

For Beatriz Cárdenas the color becomes a symbol used to express her deepest emotions, capable of communicating and influencing the mind of the perceiver.

Her work is able to engage the observer immediately with its adventourous symbols and colors.

Her pictures can not and do not want to be "read" but just observed, like extremely powerful music . That's how they are able to communicate emotions.

Beatriz Cárdenas'art is, I dare say, "different": something that upsets our ideas and our habits.

In the apparent irrationality of the composition, in fact, the combination of colors gives a sense of balance and harmony.

The boldness of the signs gives substantial strength to the "images".
The juxtaposition of gold and pure colour exuded from the pictures into a threedimensional realm allowing an insight into the soul of the artist.

Thus Beatriz Cárdenas fits perfectly into the new contemporary movement.
These are not works inspired by nature or living things but authentic emotion, creativity born from her own soul becoming colour and form in the pure state.

Her love for pure artistic research here grows and it is made stronger. She goes beyond reality, always looking for truths that only exist in the invisible.
The art of Beatriz Cárdenas does not attempt to describe, but to personify gesture, impulse, ecstasy, magic.
An air of rebirth, a breeze full of hope blows in them.

Lucia Basile
Journalist and Art Critic Taranto 2015

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